Open your office to greater technology,
unlock your company’s potential.

Don’t leave working technology to chance. Take the next step with Keytech to gain higher server up-times, faster software response and hardware care: allowing you to get back to doing your job, whilst we do ours.

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Keytech delivers on our promises

It can be frustrating waiting for a system to load when you’ve got a customer on the phone. We’re here to reduce the risk of this happening. With Keytech on hand ready to resolve issues, we ensure you have less time with computer problems and more time dedicated to what you do.

With Keytech, we’re not just improving your technology – we’re maximising efficiency in your workspace. Our approach is to be proactive rather than reactive which, for you, means we catch issues before they happen. We provide free antivirus software to all our IT support customers which safeguards you as soon as you become one of our valued customers.

We know the importance of protecting your data and ensuring that your systems remain clean and unbreeched.

What do we do?

Keytech offers technology services from phones to the Internet, hardware to software. With over 15 years in the industry our expert advice, and the package we create, for you is based on what you need and what will make your life easier.

Core Services

We prioritise getting to the core of your technology, improving it from the ground up for better service and higher satisfaction for your team and the customers you serve.

Help & Support

One of our first, and possibly most essential service offerings, is a great place to start when it comes to improving your technology.

VoIP System

It can be difficult maintaining work-phones for all your employees, or even just for yourself. Our Voice over Internet Protocol interacts your internet with a telephone service.


We offer a range of internet and broadband services that keep you online. We it’s important to us that you know about all the options typically available to you.

Mobile Tariffs

Need SIM only deals for mobile phones and tablets? We can provide that. We work with major network providers for guaranteed high-quality service.

Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 expertise pulls in a number of services that mean that when issues arise, you can deal with a team you know rather than a faceless corporation.

Cloud Servers & Backups

We offer both cloud server backups and hard drive backups to reduce the risk of losing work. Our implemented system means there’s layers of security working around the clock

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Contact Us

We are here to answer your questions and provide advice that will help you understand your systems better. We add the personal touch to technology by making sure one of our team always picks up the phone, rather than an automated message as your first greeting. We always respond quickly to first contact emails which, for you, gives reassurance we will act quickly to resolve any issues and get you back on track.

Book a Discovery Call on 0113 531 5400 or leave your details on the contact form below: