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Has something gone wrong and you need immediate support? We’re here to help. We rigorously monitor all our customers, to keep systems online and make sure there are no wires getting crossed. Any customer in need is one we’re ready to step up for and deliver with timely, prioritised responses and high attention to detail.

Remote Assistance

A small program needs to be downloaded to the computer. Please use the links below to download the correct program

Download for Windows 7 or newer

Download for Mac OS 10.7 or newer

Download for Android 5.0 or newer

Download for iOS 11.0 or newer

Next Steps

Once you have downloaded the file, you need to launch the file. This could be inside your Downloads folder.

Give the 9-digit number to a member of our Support Team When you want to end the support session, be sure to quit the program. This ensures your computer cannot be remotely accessed any more.

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