Human Resource Managers Must Tell Their IT Provider About Staff Turnover

Did you know that staff turnover can cause a data leak within your company?

When employees move on, they often still have access to their login for months after their last day. This means that they can still remotely log into your accounts, view company emails and make changes to your digital ecosystem.

It’s a concerning thought, isn’t it? Time and time again, when a staff member has left them on good terms, leaders aren’t rushing to change passwords and close cut access.

Why Should You Tell Your IT provider About Staff Turnover?

As of today, more than 13% of workers still have active access to a past employer’s system. One vengeful ex-staff member (or even one simple moment of weakness) could cause extravagant and irreparable damage to your brand.

Luckily, there is one simple solution that will protect your company from the risk staff turnover poses… keeping your IT provider informed, even when you don’t think it’s neccessary.

However, it’s also just as important that you inform your IT company about recruitment. If your business is expanding, it’s likely your services need to grow, too. Whether you need extra email addresses or broadband that can support an expanding team, notifying your IT providers allows them to react accordingly.

What Difference Can IT Providers Make to Your Data Security?

In the vast majority of cases, an IT provider can control and shut down specific accounts; blocking access to staff members who are heading elsewhere. They’ll also be keenly aware about the vulnerable information that could be stored on your ex-employee’s personal device, being proactive about getting that data protected.

The Dangerous Reality of Staff Turnover

Through our work, one new client of Keytech’s discovered that an employee who had left six months ago still had access to their systems.

To put that into perspective, that’s 180 days that they were at risk; where their data could have been offered to their competition.

Truthfully, the more time ex-staff have access to your computer systems, the higher the threat you bring upon yourself and your company. Is that a risk you are willing to keep taking?

How to Protect Yourself from Staff Turnover Risks

We recommend that you immediately contact your IT provider and ask them to evaluate who can access what. Consider which ex-employees might still have access to your private files and make a plan to change login information where required.

From there, look to remove any personal data that your old staff member may have left on their work computer – such as files, photos, or saved passwords. This will protect you from being accused of malicious intent.

The Benefits of Working with an IT Provider on Staff Turnover

At Keytech, we focus heavily on data protection. Why?

Well, we’ve seen the devastation that can occur when something goes wrong.

We’re always working to protect you from all sources of risk, protecting your company from cybersecurity threats.

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