How to Look After Your Computer

“I’ll sort it tomorrow,” we tell ourselves as we listen to the disconcerting noise our computer is making. Then round comes tomorrow, and we find ourselves with a computer that doesn’t work.

The thought is terrifying, right?

If you rely on your computers as much as we do, you need to catch faults before they happen.

Cared-for hardware extends your computer’s life span, giving you more value for your money. Really, by dedicating time now – you’d be saving yourself hassle in the long run.  Regular sit-downs for computer maintenance will reduce the risk of crashes, and stop you from losing work.

Whilst you are at it, get out the (metaphorical) scrubbing brush and organise, remove and update your software for maximum technological potential.

If this all sounds a little “over your head” here are some easy steps that you can follow to keep your computer running like clockwork – or you can just sign up with an IT provider like us, and we’ll do it for you.

Step 1: General Housekeeping and Cleaning

Arm yourself with an air cannister, and pop open your computer. Get close and personal with any fans, vents or empty spaces that could be gathering dust.

Step 2: Uninstalling and Organizing  

Every computer has programs that have been gathering cobwebs for years.  It’s time to kiss them goodbye and lay them to rest. We recommend uninstalling and removing anything you’ve not used in the past 2 years for a clutter-free, faster running computer.

Step 3: Updating and Refreshing

Remember that notification you keep dismissing? It’s essential you let your computer do its own work and maintenance. You can schedule updates to happen at a time convenient to you, and come back to a healthier PC.

The likelihood is, other software will also need updating. Outdated software is often susceptible to malware, which puts your data (including passwords and bank details) at risk. It’s absolutely vital that you protect yourself and keep your computer up-to-date.

Step 4: Scanning and Checking  

Checking on your antivirus is one of the most essential parts of computer maintenance. You should regularly make sure your subscription is active and that your firewall is still in place. Manually set your antivirus to scan through your files and check that everything is spick and span – you don’t want to risk having nasty viruses eating away at your files and computers, mining you for data and overloading your system processes.

Step 5: Bring in a professional

Not everyone likes dealing with technology. There’s no harm and no judgement in bringing in a professional for essential computer maintenance.

Instead of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”, realise that tomorrow might be too late.

Call 0113 5315400 to take advantage of our Discovery Call to find out what needs to be done, and how urgently your computer needs us.

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