7 Easy Ways Charities Could be Saving Money on IT Services

Charities and nonprofits rely heavily on funding and donations to keep making an impact on the world. This means they need to be cost-efficient. IT Services are becoming more essential than ever, especially post-COVID-19 where most meetings are taking place online. It’s important charities stay up-to-date with IT developments… without breaking the bank.

Here are our 7 easy ways charities could be saving money on IT services:

  1. Discounted Microsoft 365

It’s tragic. All around the world, charities are overpaying on Microsoft 365 subscriptions when they could be getting essential programmes such as Word, Excel and Outlook at hugely discounted rates. We recently helped one charity go from a monthly subscription of £65 in license costs to £6.90 – working out at just £2.30 per staff member. That’s almost a 90% reduction. Imagine the impact that could make on your charity.

  1. Leasing Equipment

Leasing equipment from IT services (at often discounted rates) could be more cost-efficient than purchasing equipment in the long run. Instead of forking over high price tags for equipment that depreciates in value, leasing equipment allows you to:

A. Budget and predict monthly spends

B. Hold someone else accountable for the continued working quality of your lease

That means, if something breaks naturally, the cost won’t fall back on you. Unexpected costs can be difficult for smaller charities to manage, and that’s why we recommend looking into leased equipment.

  1. Discounted Online Services

There are multiple online services that offer discounted rates for charities. From Customer Relationship Management programmes such as SalesForce to Xero for simple accounting and invoicing, having a look around for the most cost-efficient options could be saving charities more money than they expect. Upon set-up, most charities go for the easy or obvious option – rather than ‘shopping around’. Instead, take the time and have a look at the range of charity discounts out there – rather than simply going with the brand you know.

  1. IT Maintenance Subscription

Charities are often found scrabbling when equipment breaks down, and urgent fixes can be costly and expensive. One way to avoid sudden essential high-cost maintenance, purchasing IT support is essentially insurance for computers. Having an active IT maintenance subscription with qualified IT service providers like us means you have a lower-cost option when your technology breaks down. No more coughing out hundreds of pounds and a lengthy trip to the local PC fixer on the high street, your solution could be merely a quick call away.

  1. VoIP

Oftentimes, charities and nonprofits have one huge, obvious spend: phone bills. They are essential for networking, communicating with your donators and of course, getting you in touch with the communities you help. One way to save money could be looking at your options for Voice-over Internet Protocol. This gives mobile owners a business number on an app, allowing you to save costs on additional hardware.

  1. Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have always been more cost-effective than physical offices. With the rise of virtual offices came 3 Space, a company that gives one virtual space away to nonprofits for every space bought by a business. That means there’s a chance to have a virtual office: completely free.

  1. IT Audit/Consultancy

Our final way charities could be saving money on IT services is one close to our heart: audits and consultancy calls. Staff at Keytech would be incredibly happy to take calls to figure out where you could be saving money in the long run. We have a wide range of IT and Telecom services perfect for charitable organisations.

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