Why HRM’s Should Tell IT Providers About Staff Recruitment & Turnover

Staff turnover can pose a potential risk to data leaks within a company. When staff move on, they often still have access to the system for months afterward. What does this mean? They’d still be able to log into your computers, view company emails, files and more. When staff are leaving optionally on good terms, companies aren’t rushing to change passwords and close down accounts. They should be.

Why you should tell your IT provider about staff turnover:

Currently, more than 13% of workers still have active access to past employers’ systems. One vengeful ex-staff member or one simple moment of weakness could cause extravagant, irreparable damage. 

That’s not all.
Very few companies take into consideration confidential information that could be stored on ex-employees’ personal mobile phones or computers.

Don’t worry though, there is one simple way to protect your company from the risk staff turnover poses: keeping your IT company informed.

In most cases, IT service providers will be able to control and shut down accounts – blocking access to staff who are heading somewhere else. They’ll also have keen insight on what information could be stored on your leaving employees’ devices – and notify you of the risk.

Keytech ourselves focus heavily on data protection as we’ve seen the consequences that can occur when something goes wrong. If you have an IT provider like us on your side, they’ll be more than ready to step in and protect your company at all costs.

A little horror story to scare you…

In fact, one client of ours discovered that employees who had left their company still had access to their system 6 months later. That’s 6 months of growth and progression the company had made, and their data was entirely at risk of leaking out to the competition, and more.

Here’s our nudge to you: The more time ex-staff have access to the system, the higher the threat you bring upon yourself and your company. 

How else can your IT provider help?

Now we’ve talked about protecting yourself and your companies’ data, you need to consider the importance of respecting the data of the staff member who is leaving.

Quitting staff might forget to log out of commonly used websites on work computers such as personal email addresses, LinkedIn accounts and other social media.

We recommend allowing your IT company to remove and wipe any saved passwords and other personal data from your work computers. By handing the job over to data-protection professionals, you’ll be able to cover your own back, meaning you can’t be accused of accessing ex-employees private accounts – even accidentally, or with the innocent intention of logging out.

Why you should also tell your IT provider about staff recruitment (and in advance where possible):

It’s also important to inform your IT company about staff recruitment as well. If your business is expanding, it’s likely your IT services need to grow alongside you. Whether you need extra Microsoft accounts or email addresses, or broadband that can support an expanding team – simply notifying your IT providers can allow them to react accordingly and ensure that the technology of your company keeps running smoothly.

If you are someone who manages the IT of your company by yourself…

No matter what, it’s vital all business owners and human resource managers consider where data could be at risk due to staff recruitment and turnover. Implications and consequences of leaked data are likely to fall back on you, and you need to put steps in place to protect yourself.

That’s what we are here for.

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