Our Top 5 Current Technological Trends (including Cryptocurrency)

If you are as geeky as us, you’ll celebrate every time something new happens in the technological world. We’re constantly waiting with bated breath for new announcements to be made, and the last year of digital transformation has captivated us. 

Not only have we witnessed a new world form with the majority of workers needing high-tech access home, but our reliance on the internet only doubled with the need to stay in contact with our loved ones through Facebook rather than face-to-face. 

As a result of the pandemic, technological trends are booming, so let’s talk about some of our favourites (or, at least, the most prominent).

Number 1: 5G

We’ve seen 3G – we’ve seen 4G. 

In 2019 came a new, highly advanced mobile broadband technology that raised market standards and placed Huawei and Samsung at the forefront. 5G has the potential to be 10 times faster – meaning improvements in smartphones, cars, watches, and even fridges. 

Number 2: Artificial Intelligence 

Whether you see the “great robot takeover” as a positive or negative, there’s no doubt that AI and software are making hundreds of business owners’ lives significantly easier. CRM systems, smart bookkeeping, and even drones that deliver pizza to your door – we’re seeing an ever-expanding increase in AI access and use (for thankfully COVID free, yet also human free interactions).

Number 3: The Internet of Things, Zoom & E-Working

The “IoT” is probably something you’ve seen on LinkedIn, or mentioned in a few technology articles. It refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet. The pandemic meant a huge surge in people needing to upgrade their at-home wifi and PC set-up, allowing them to work efficiently without constant computer crashes.

Similarly, the world now sees how important internet access is. 

Without it, communications and businesses would have completely shut down across the country and many small companies who were able to sell online would have been shut-off completely. Our reliance on the internet might not be a trend, but it’s definitely on the up-and-up and something to watch out for. Any change in integral structures could completely devastate society as we know it. 

Number 4: Cyber Security

We have a reason to celebrate: cyber security is on the rise. Sure, this comes alongside a scary amount of cyber attacks – but all around the world businesses and people are taking note. In general, people are taking huge steps to protect their data, and that’s something Keytech is always screaming from the rooftops about!

Number 5: Cryptocurrency

By 2050, the use of Bitcoin is set to completely “overtake” the dollar, but with just one coin pricing at $66,000, we don’t see how. Common commerce goods such as groceries, clothing, and leisure services are just too low-priced to make the trading of bitcoin entirely accessible. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a booming technological trend though, with bitcoin farming consuming about 110-terawatt-hours of electricity annually (about the output of 31 coal-fired power plants). This 0.55% of global electricity consumption isn’t sustainable for the future, so either technology needs to rise to the trend to allow low-energy mining or Bitcoin might see a stop to their growth in the future. 

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