5 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Finance Analysis Computer

When a project goes too smoothly, it’s normal to be wary. Have you missed something? Are you forgetting a key aspect of the brief?

Making informed decisions as a Finance Analyst is all about gathering accurate data and your at home work life should be no exception.

In a world where remote work is celebrated, having high-processing power, speedy loading-times, and consistent technology access wherever you are can make all the difference between meeting that all-important deadline and stressing over lost work.

Factor 1: Performance

There’s a whole host of data management systems and analysis libraries you likely need access to, especially if you’re a freelancer for a range of clients. Recommended specs for a high-performance computer are:
Performance specs for Finance Analysts

These will allow you to manage vast amounts of data using your preferred software. 

Factor 2: Function

Have you ever found yourself fighting with the mousepad on a laptop? Or wishing you had a touchscreen when designing a presentation?

Function plays a huge part in making a computer decision for any Finance Analyst, and there’s a lot of features available that you may not know you need.

Best Laptops Venture reported that “structural laptop design for finance processing is an essential consideration.” They suggest considering:

  • USB port total
  • In-built webcams
  • Fingerprint scanners for security

Other features like screen size and anti-glare performance will allow you to balance long hours at your desk, while also maintaining personal eye health.

Factor 3: Flexibility

Flexibility is essential in current work environments, and having a light, portable device that doesn’t require tonnes of wires is essential for home through office life (or catching up on work from the other side of the world).

Similarly, having a laptop that can upgrade as your work capabilities expand will help you make a brilliant, informed, long-term investment. 

Factor 4: Value for money

No matter your budget, a computer that’s great value for money can help you avoid costly mistakes. If you’re someone who likes to use the latest technology available, shop around for deals and make the best decision for your wallet.

Factor 5: Security

There’s no doubt that security is essential in any finance role. Protecting yourself and the confidential data you have access to is absolutely vital.

Excellent cybersecurity practices such as encryption software, antivirus, and partnering with an IT provider will help you protect your workplace (whether that be the home or at the office) from harm.

If you travel a lot, protecting your computer from public WiFi systems will prove key to your job success. 2 Factor Authentication, fingerprint scanners, and computers that come with in-built file recovery and cloud access can also help you store data securely.

If you require help picking out the perfect device for you, we offer hardware purchasing as a service. Book a discovery call or ring 0113 531 5400 to see how we can unlock your company’s potential, together. 

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