3 Technology Investments For Your Manufacturing Company

In 2021, the future of manufacturing changed forever. The development of cutting-edge software platforms allowed thousands of UK companies to decrease costs and increase efficiency. 


Well, in order to compete in our digital age, manufacturing companies had to become tech-savvy across multiple departments… fast. No longer was it enough to only automate product assembly; they had to implement AI across the whole of their company to reduce workload pressures.

The Benefit of Investing in Technology

By investing in SaaS, high-speed internet, and modern computers, manufacturers have been able to automate order processing; component purchasing; machine diagnostics; and even product distribution. This has saved them a considerable amount of time and money.

The 3 Technology Investments Manufacturers Need to Make

  1. Admin and Finance

Alongside order processing and component purchasing, automation programmes can send and process accurate invoices, calculate revenue, and manage spending. This reduces the risk of human error in important bookkeeping tasks, whilst also providing support to overwhelmed admins. 

  1. Sales and Marketing

Cloud technologies allow secure worldwide communication with global clients, helping manufacturers to convert leads.  Additionally, with the help of software, order updates and queries will be answered automatically and webchat boxes will help customers make purchases.

Through automation, lead generation and customer onboarding become easier, resulting in better user experiences with positive outcomes. This allows manufacturing companies to benefit from both WOM and referrals.

  1. Human Resources

Investment in technology will help aid HR teams in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Making data-driven recruitment choices.
  2. Tracking staff hours.
  3. Scheduling annual reviews.
  4. Paying accurate wages.
  5. Attracting and retaining leading talent.

Technology Your Manufacturing Company Needs

Manufacturing companies wanting to increase revenue growth need to consider the types of technology available to them, assessing current infrastructure (like internet and telecoms) and the hardware they use.

Updating computers, investing in faster internet speeds, and improving technological access across departments will enable employees to better do their jobs, whilst also allowing you to take advantage of 2022 software solutions. 

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