It can get a little complicated when you have multiple software systems to log into every single day, wouldn’t you agree? 

Not only do you have to remember a variety of email and password combinations, but you have to wait for each one to load before you can even begin to get cracking with your work.

From the platform you use to track your sales to the programme where you do your accounting, subscribing to so many services isn’t always a good thing. 

The Need for Software Simplification

When you have lots of platforms that were each designed to complete a specific task, your costs are going to add up quickly. 

Not only will you be forced to pay for every service individually, but you’ll also have to fork over money on…

  1. A modern computer that can process multiple programmes in tandem.
  2. A fast and reliable internet connection.
  3. IT support when issues and errors inevitably arise between applications.

This can come with a hefty price tag.

Luckily, with some careful planning and a bit of research, you can soon stop yourself from overspending on technology.

The Best Multi-Functional Software Platforms 

As the software market has grown and become increasingly competitive, digital solutions have been designed that offer more than one function.

So, instead of having one platform for posting on social media and another for sending out emails, you can manage both of these in one place. 

1. Monday.com (Project, Task, and People Management)

How beneficial would it be for you to have a communication channel that also works as an employee scheduling and productivity tool?

Monday.com is one of the highest-rated software services out there (for good reason)

With its ability to not only tackle most of your workflows on one system but also integrate cleanly with other programmes, it makes technology simple.

2. Xero (Sales, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Invoicing)

Do you still manually create your invoices and send them out to clients? Do you collect all your receipts to eventually send to your accountant at the end of the tax year?

Xero is not only an incredible asset for businesses to automate financial management, but it can also help you understand the spending power of your business.

Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to view a bunch of useful documents with just a click of a button, meaning you can make informed and sensible decisions throughout the year.

  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Business Snapshots

Wouldn’t that be beneficial?

3. Microsoft 365 (Communication, Storage, Work)

We’ve all used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in our lifetimes. But, did you know that Microsoft 365 can offer so much more? 

With just one subscription fee (starting from £5.99 per month), you can access two communication systems as well as extensive and secure cloud storage

What’s not to love? 

The user interface is easy to grasp, making it perfect for a business with a low training budget, and the services on offer can make such a big difference to a team’s day-to-day functionality. 

How to Simplify Your Software

Although you might be tempted to dive at the opportunity to automate as many tasks as possible, you need to be smart with the software you adopt. 

See, if the applications you choose are incompatible with each other and offer you very little value, you’ll only add to your workload… not take away from it.

Thankfully, Keytech is here to help. 

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