Using Technology to Run a Home-Based Business

Thanks to the wonderful creation that is the internet, just about anyone can set up and run a home-based business. You just need a phone, a laptop, and some software programmes. How exciting! 

Optimising Your Set-Up

Designing a comfortable and sustainable home office goes beyond purchasing the latest iPhone or Samsung. If you’re someone who has to spend hours staring at a tiny screen, you will inevitably damage your eyesight and mental health. 

We recommend that small business owners invest in a tablet and a desktop (with a large, 30”+ screen!) as early as possible – giving yourself some versatility. For a budget-friendly option, purchase a connectable keyboard for your smartphone and give your cramped fingers a rest. Just because you are still operating from home doesn’t mean that you should avoid investing in your future.

Setting Boundaries

In fact, there are multiple benefits to having work-dedicated technology (like a separate laptop from your personal one). It’s more cyber secure and will help you establish a really clear mental boundary. When you’re at your desk, you’re on. When you’re away from your desk, you’re off. 

If you’d prefer to avoid spending £1000 on a decent hardware set-up, though, we suggest considering Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your phone. It’s a handy piece of software that grants you a specific work number so that you aren’t forced to hand out your private details. 

Through VoIP, you can take calls from all over the world without paying additional international fees. The app won’t ring outside of your work hours, giving you the freedom and space you need to make the most of your downtime.

Taking it One Step Further

As your business grows, don’t be afraid to adopt new technology. There are loads of different apps that can help you optimise your processes, making technology your best friend when running a home-based business. 

With digital experts like Keytech on your side, you’ll be able to take your operations to a whole new level – scaling efficiently and effectively and bringing on new employees with ease. We’ll help you choose technology that grows as your revenue does, allowing you to overcome the hurdles a lot of start-ups face. 

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