Is Your Work Email Full of Spam?

It’s annoying enough when your personal email account gets flooded with irrelevant content, but it’s ten times worse when your work inbox is always full. You likely feel a sense of responsibility to work through each notification one by one, making sure that they aren’t relevant to you or your business. 

How to Reduce Spam Emails in Your Inbox

Instead of continuing to ignore the problem (for months on end), we have some great news! There are a few – very simple – solutions that you can try, designed to tackle the never-ending stream of spam. 

1. Use the Report Button

When was the last time you reported an email as ‘spam’? Once you start taking a few seconds out of your day to flag the bots, you’ll start to notice a vast improvement. Your email service provider (whether that’s Google, Zoho, or Microsoft) will soon catch on and can take over; filtering your emails more accurately.

2. Unsubscribe from Irrelevant Mailing Lists

We’ve all signed up to a mailing list to appease a friend or enter a giveaway. Over the years, these decisions will add up. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to anything that’s no longer relevant to you. Assign yourself a good half an hour to work through your emails and unsubscribe from some pesky mailing lists.

3. Write to the Sender

In the UK, your work email has certain protections against spam. According to the ICO, “If you have a personal corporate email address which identifies you, for example , then you will have rights under the Data Protection Act.” This means that you can write to the organisation asking them to stop any marketing to your work email address. When they receive your request, they are legally required to stop as soon as possible. 

4. Get a New Email Address

It can be a pain to inform your clients of a change to your contact details but, depending on the state of your inbox, it might just be worth the hassle. Use this opportunity to upgrade from your old gmail account and invest in an official business email through Keytech’s Microsoft 365 services or even Hosted Exchange. 

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a telecommunications service whereby a provider (in this case, Keytech) makes you a personalised email box and manages the data for you. We’re even able to personalise this service to your specific needs, monitoring and controlling your spam filter and keeping your emails protected and safe from corruption. 

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