Top 3 Internet solutions For Offices

One of the many luxuries of working from home is the cushy WiFi box that doesn’t have to be shared with a team of other people. 

Now we’re returning to the office, it should be a business owner’s focus to provide the strongest possible internet connection to stop working delays, reduce the risk of loss of work, keep their service teams online, and make sure software keeps ticking on. 

Option 1: Broadband: DSL

As one of our different broadband options, DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data faster over traditional copper telephone lines already installed to homes and businesses.” 

It operates on standard telephone lines and provides speeds between 200Kbps to millions of MBPS, making it a great option for extreme internet speed (although it’s less consistent than fibre leased lines). 

Option 2: Broadband: Cable

Cable broadband “describes the last part of a fibre broadband connection but rather than using BT’s copper wiring to connect your home to the local cabinet, it uses Virgin Media coaxial cables.” This option has an easy set-up process and, what’s more, your connection speed

isn’t affected by your distance from the ISP operation centre.

Option 3: Leased Lines

Are you looking for a dedicated connection with guaranteed speed? 

Fibre-based leased lines are private telecoms circuits that stretch from the server to your office. Unlike other internet connections that are disrupted by weather and user activity, leased lines provide consistent bandwidth access. 

In today’s day and age, they are perfect for companies who need to be online all the time.

  • Reliable and fast download and upload speeds.
  • Options ranging from 10MBPS to 10GBPS.
  • Ongoing essential support is provided by us.

If you’re interested, Keytech can liaise with the internet service providers to manage the preparation process from enquiry to installation – taking the responsibility out of your hands to deliver impressive internet.

Warning: PTSN and IDSN Networks 

If you are in an older office building, then you need to look into updating your internet and broadband (even if you’re in a shared space with other businesses).

At the end of December 2025, PSTN and IDSN networks are being withdrawn from service. The demand for alternative services will put the sector into disarray, so ensure you have switched long before then.

The Importance of Internet Speed to Offices

In today’s digital environment, the speed of your internet (and PCs) is essential to your daily business operations. Every second that is lost to slow loading websites or systems is another lost opportunity. Truthfully, the quality of your internet connection could make all the difference between landing a sale and losing a customer… which would you prefer?

Grant yourself a competitive advantage with high-speed internet capabilities through Keytech, an IT & Telecoms firm. Our local Leeds office means we can review the options available to you and find the perfect solution. Book a discovery call or ring 0113 531 5400 to see how we can unlock your company’s potential, together. 

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